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How Rain Activ works

Rain Activ utilises a simple to install, pre-assembled, shallow dig rainwater storage tank, along with a self cleaning filter and a controlled discharge valve. Rainwater from the roof is heavily filtered as it enters the tank, removing any particles larger than 1mm. Once the rainwater reaches a set level within the tank it is discharged at a controlled rate. Due to the quality of filtration involved, a very small orifice can be used without the risk of blockage. For this reason, Rain Activ can provide industry-leading rates of discharge as low as 0.05 litres per second.

Every system we sell is bespoke, and calibrated to each site’s requirements. Our engineers use Micro Drainage™ hydraulic modelling software to ensure the system discharges at the desired peak rate during a storm event. As the system al ready contains various key components, such as the tank and high quality filtration, the addition of a submersible pump and management system turns the system into a full domestic rainwater harvesting system.