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About Rainwater Harvesting Limited

Simple and cost effective

At RainWater Harvesting Ltd, we are proud to be one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of rainwater harvesting equipment. During the last decade, our name has become synonymous within the industry for high quality, technologically advanced, British made products.
Our products have always differentiated themselves within the industry, with intelligent design and high quality manufacture. Because we engineer an original concept, develop it through CAD, tooling, build and take the end product to market, nobody understands our products better than we do. Our advancements such as the Rain Director® and easy to install shallow dig tanks have made rainwater harvesting an even better idea than before. Making systems easier and more cost effective to install, smarter and vastly more energy efficient to use.

Following on from our success in the rainwater harvesting market we are now able to offer a revolutionary device which allows you to have a SuDS solution with incredibly low discharge rates. We have designed a solution for new build projects, both for the domestic and light commercial use. We listen to the market, establish the requirements and then provide the solution.

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